Officially Homeowners + Move-in Weekend

Friday, Andrew and I signed the contract for our new home!! We bought a loft condo downtown Houston. We are so excited about it! It is set up very openly and it is literally perfect for us. The upstairs and downstairs both have patios overlooking the pool. We were also so excited to be homeowners at 22 &23! There is no better feeling than knowing that you are actually investing in yourself.

We were paying DOUBLE what we are now paying for our mortgage, insurance, taxes, and home owners association fees. Isn’t the crazy?! Ahh, I’m so excited to start saving more money and maxing out both of our IRA’s.

We spent all Friday night moving. We picked up a Uhaul around 4 pm and hired two guys to move the super heavy stuff until 10:30 pm. We really lucked out because nothing was scratched or damaged during the move! We stayed up until about 2 am Friday between moving and unpacking. Even our poor fur baby was exhausted! 

Saturday, we dropped our fur baby off at Doggie Day Camp so he could hang out with his furry friends and we wouldn’t have to worry about keeping up with him all day while moving.

We literally spent ALL day moving things back and forth between our new home and the home we rented. Finally around 8pm, we decided to call it quits. We were so hungry, tired, and hot! It was about 110 degrees here in Texas with the heat index. 

We ordered take out and opened our $30 bottle of wine to have a mini celebration about our new home. Andrew and I snuggled on the side of the couch that didn’t have any boxes and watched Gilmore Girls until we eventually passed out

Sunday, we finished moving the outdoor furniture and grill to our new condo and spent the day unpacking as much as possible. We have "his" and "her" closets and mine is already full! Yes, those are all my clothes. I need to go through them (again). Ugh.

We also had to run a few errands which lead to us getting locked out of our condo, LOL! We had to call a locksmith to let us in… Ohh good times. We grabbed lunch at Panera while we waited for the locksmith to meet us. Don't judge me because I got a bread bowl and a baguette... I'm a carboholic! It took the locksmith 3 mins to unlock our door and it cost me $80 bucks. Ridiculous.  


We spent all of Sunday night unpacking and then realized we were starving but too sore to leave our home so we made freezer french fries and popcorn for dinner... How strange is that combo?! This morning came early. Thankfully we leave 2 mins from Starbucks so I treated myself to a quad vanilla latte to help me get through this intense Monday. I have so much work, errands and school work to do this week. I also need to finish unpacking, ahhh let the shenanigans begin! 

How was your weekend?! Fill me in on your adventures!