Evening Bike Ride in Buffalo Bayou Park!

After work, Andrew and I just want to eat and relax. We are both finally entering our career field so we are both working long and sometimes stressful hours. We both try to motivate each other to do things after work if we have the free time instead of binge watching Netflix. 

We finally had a free evening after work to bike through Buffalo Bayou Park! 

"The Sandy Reed Memorial Trail, the ten-foot wide concrete trail located on both sides of the bayou, accommodates cyclists, walkers and joggers. The five-foot wide asphalt Kinder Footpath, located along the bayou’s banks, is designed to accommodate park visitors who want to enjoy a walk or jog."

It was such a great feeling to be active after sitting in the officer for over 8 hours! 

He literally always has me laughing... Gosh, love him so much!

What do you normally do after a hard day at work?