5 Reasons I Always Fly Southwest

I want to take this opportunity and explain to your why Southwest is my favorite and first choice airline when I travel. Southwest is different... They pick the best employees and invest in them to give their customers the best airline service possible. Check out my 5 top reasons why I always fly Southwest!

Cheap Fares. When traveling, I always look for the cheapest flight. Who doesn’t? Southwest Airlines are constantly running sales as low as $45 one way. There are almost always cheaper, by a good amoun,t against any other airline. Also they will reimburse you with credit if your flight price ever decreases(and you notice).  Umm, hello!! This is HUGE!

Free Cancellation/Changes. Things happen and sometimes your plans will be canceled or have to change, that’s life. Southwest understands. They will let you change your flight as many times as you without charging you ANY fee. You could cancel your flight up to 10 mins before boarding and still get a full refund in credit to use within the next year.

2 Free Checked Bags. That is right people, not just one- but TWO!  That is easily saving you $50-$120 per bag each way! This is probably my favorite reason why I always fly Southwest. They also let you board with a carry-on bag and your purse. Did I mention I love Southwest?

No Assigned Seating. You don’t have to worry about paying extra for leg room. All you have to do with Southwest is ensure that you check-in 24 hours prior to your departure time and  to get assigned a group number. The earlier group number that you get, the more choice you will have when you walk on the plane.

Rapid Rewards. It is hands down the best frequent flyer program out right now! No stupid blackout dates, and you earn more points on refundable fares and Business Select compared to other airlines. Also when you go to redeem your points, shorter flights use less points than longer flights. So bottom line you go farther with your points than any other airline. 

Next time you fly, fly Southwest!