How to Make the Most out of Your Weekend!

Do you ever feel like you are wasting your weekend fun by doing chores around the house, grocery shopping, or running errands?  YOU CAN FIX THAT! You should never waste your weekend… You work so hard during the week, you should enjoy your time off during the weekends.  Let me give you the scoop on how to get more out of your weekend!

Break down your weekly duties to handle during the evening. I used to come home from work, eat and sit on the couch until it was time for bed. Now, I motivate myself to do my house chores, grocery shopping, and running errands after work!

Monday.  Mondays are usually a little stressful for me because I get a briefing on how busy I'm going to be at work and how much school work I must accomplishment. I do chores that I enjoy… like washing my car or cleaning it out or reorganizing some area in our home. I also use Monday evenings to plan out my week… Get your planner ready!

Tuesday. Let the cleaning begin! I normally dust, vacuum, and start laundry on Tuesday evenings… It probably takes me 30 mins to vacuum our entire apartment, dust EVERYTHING, and fully completely a load of laundry. Plus, I can’t stand to have multiple loads of laundry to do at once, so this helps break up my loads!

Wednesday. Now that I am a young adult, I know that on Wednesdays grocery store ads will be in my mailbox when I get home from work. Andrew and I plan out our meals for the week based off what’s on sale, and write a grocery list of everything that we will need to make each dinner! It only takes us about 15 mins to do this. I also run  any errands on Wednesday’s like return items, post office, etc.

Thursday. A little hectic but so worth it! Thursday after work, I go straight to the grocery store with my list. Nobody is really heavy duty grocery shopping so I get first choice of the sale items, and a shorter grocery line! Sometimes I go to multiple stores to get the best deals… but honestly it only takes 30-45 mins to complete this chore! When you have a grocery list, you know exactly what you need. After unloading the groceries, we eat a simple meal, deep clean the kitchen, and clean the bathrooms! I just spray the bathrooms down before putting the groceries away, and the wipe clean while dinner is cooking. A simple 15 mins!

Friday. Date night!

Saturday. Adventures!

Sunday. Church, relax, tiny chores. On Sundays, I do another load of laundry and tidy up the house . Andrew and I are both clean freaks so our house pretty much stays in order.

How do you get your life chores done?