Weekend Recap: Wine Tasting + Midtown

Friday’s are my favorite. Everyone is so excited for their weekend plans that the day just flies by  at work. I treated myself to a double shot soy frappuccino while I ran a few errands after work.  It was sooo good! Starbuck’s has the best soy milk!

Andrew grilled out and made dinner while I tackled some summer school homework. Afterwards, we just organized and went through a few areas in house because we close on our condo this week!!!

Saturday, Andrew and I slept forever… We didn’t wake up till around 10am and then we proceeded to have a lazy morning with our fur baby. We made brunch, dropped Frankie off at doggie day camp, and headed to Clear Creek Vinyard!

I purchased a Groupon for a wine tour, tasting, and picnic lunch on the patio!


The tour itself was very crowded yet informational. They actually purchased their grapes from California because the soil in Texas makes the grapes too sweet.

The make about 50 different wines in house and a few specialty wines to serve in their restaurant.

I love how they spelled our last name, lol.

They had 3 different types of wine tasting to choose from… Fruit, white or reds. I decided to try the red wines and Andrew chose the fruity wines. We each tasted our samples and then switched seats! We got the best of both worlds.

The Blackberry Merlot was my favorite! We ended up buying a bottle to drink on the first night in our new home!

After the tasting, we headed out to the patio! We ate our picnic lunches and sipped on wine-arties.

Ugh, wine-arties are sooo good! We sat out on the patio and talked for a while before we headed to Doggie Day Camp to pick up Frankie.

After we got home from picking up our fur baby, we changed to get ready for a night downtown in Houston! Midtown is one of my favorite places to hangout in downtown. It is filled with a bunch of twenty-something people.

We grabbed dinner around 8 at Izakaya, an authentic Japanese restaurant! Afterwards we grabbed a few drinks and took an uber to Queensbury Theatre.

I bought tickets from Groupon for “Back to the future: UNCRIPTED” an improvised ramp based on the series. It was seriously the funniest thing I have ever seen. They asked us questions about how things went in the movie… so the audience really created the night. It was so freaking funny. Literally cried from laughing so hard!

We didn’t get home until about 1 am which explains why we slept in so late!

The rain didn’t help us get out of bed either… so we spent the day snuggled on the couch, drinking lattes and watching Gilmore Girls. We also did more organizing and packing for our move coming up!

What did you do this weekend?!