Sunday... Big Breakfast & Friends

Sundays are such a slow pace day for my little squad.  Frankie and I woke up around 7:30 am and I made coffee. We sat out on our back patio for a few… the weather was perfect! After a while, we went inside to watch Gilmore Girls so Frankie could enjoy his breakfast.

After Andrew woke up, we made a huge hash brown casserole! We literally just used everything we could find in our fridge. It was soooo good! I will post the recipe soon!

As we were eating at the table, we came up with a plan for the day. I love plans because you get so much accomplished! We decided to wash our cars inside and out, clean the garage, and our normal Sunday house duty routine(vacuum, dishes, laundry, etc.). We were done with all of our chores by noon!

Around 2 we met our friends for some pickup volleyball! It is always a great time when we get together. We also brought Mr. Frank with us! He is such a good dog…. So well behaved. It was a great Sunday with our friends. Once we got home, we made salads and watched more Gilmore Girls until it was time for our bedtime routine.

What is your favorite Netflix show to binge watch?!