Saturday's Adventure... BJ Hooker's Vodka Tour!

On Saturday, our little fur baby decided to wake us up at 8 am to start our day! We took Frankie, our fur baby to doggie day camp. We do this every Saturday and he loves it! He literally jumps in the car and runs into the store, it is so stinkin cute!

After we dropped Mr. Frank off, we headed to lay by the pool for a couple of hours. We were the only ones there and we both brought new books to read. 

After laying by the pool for a few, we headed to BJ Hookers Vodka tour! I bought a Groupon for a tour a few weeks ago and since we didn't have any plans, I thought it was the perfect time to use it! As soon as we got to the there, they offered us drinks and kept us topped off all throughout the tour! 

The tour went to every part of the distillery even to packaging! It was such a fun hands on tour! 

We even got to test the proof the vodka... even while drinking! How much fun is that?! 

"The History of BJ Hooker's Vodka began with the first Hooker born in the States, William J. Hooker. Ol' Hooker was a fun loving and free spirited farmer who took great pride in his southern heritage, his freedom, and especially his booze. During those times an overreaching government would not allow a man to enjoy the libation brought forth by Hooker's American Wheat, so he took it upon himself to product a liquor of the finest quality for his own medicinal purposes, and those of his friends of course. It was this fine recipe that enabled BJ Hooker's speakeasy to be one of the most sought after locations to enjoy a good beverage in all of the south. Today, we take great care to assure that every bottle matches the supreme quality and is just as smooth, attractive and easy to swallow as the people who drink it."

After the tour, we all sat around their table and tasted new products! They are creating apple pie vodka.... oh my!! It was sooo good and sweet! Can't wait for it to come out on shelves. Until then, we bought a bottle of BJ Hookers vodka to hold us over.