Painting with a Twist!

Last night a few of my friends and I decided to do a girl's night at Painting with a Twist! The goal for the night was to eat chocolate, drink lots of wine and catch up with each other while we painted a paisley print elephant! 

First, we painted our canvas black! Then we traced the elephant pattern to the canvas. I decided to be different and trace my elephant backwards... yeah I know.. overachiever!

Next, we started on the design! Our instructor literally went step by step with us which was really awesome. "If you think, drink!".

Our final step was to paint the outline of our elephants and initial our paintings! We had so many great laughs throughout the night. I am so grateful that I have met these wonderful ladies since I moved to Houston. 

I'm honestly pretty proud of myself... the amount of wine I consumed honestly helped my artistic ability and my face says it all, lol! 

I think what I enjoyed most about Painting with a Twist was the environment of the studio! We had music playing in the background, it was BOYB and it had paintings hanging all over the place! It was a great night with these awesome ladies!