Make Stress Work for You!


Stress can be so powerful and it comes from all directions. We live in a stress-filled world and we will never be able to change that. However, we can make stress work for us. You can make stress work in your favor and use it as motivation in your life. Check out these few tips below!

Organize. Organizing can create a sense of control in knowing what you have, what will happen and where everything is located. When people are disorganized it creates stress. You need to be organizing at work, at home and on your calendar!  Organization is the key to make stress work for you.

Healthy Environments. When you create a healthy and clean environment, you are making stress work for you. Sometimes sitting in your favorite room of the house can simplu help you reduce stress and create a sense or well-being.

Learn from Stress. Did you know that you can use stress as a teacher? When things seem to be falling apart, step back and think of how you can make it better. Make coffee out of your coffee beans in life!

Plan for the Unexpected. Yep, you heard me right! Leave time for the unexpected. It is important that we have time to cope with the unexpected. We can make stress work for us if we leave time to adapt to change of plans.

Be Picky with your Friends. Friends can help us make stress work for us because they increase our strengths and create new solutions to our stressful situations. Friends support us and reassure us that we are not alone especially in stressful situations. Choose friends who be there for you no matter what situation you are in throughout life.

Notice Yourself. It is so important for you to stop and look at yourself. In order to make stress work for you, you need to take time to recognize signs of stress like anger, sleep and eating habits, work and your social life.  When you are able to identify these signs, you are beginning to identify how to make stress work for you.

Be Realistic. We can accept what we cannot change by changing what we can. Make choices that are realistic, not out of reach. Don't waste your time trying to change what you have no power over. 

Learn to Say No. It is okay not to say yes to everything. Recognize what your strengths are and focus on taking the time to do a project founded on them. Sometimes when we take on too many projects, we are not able to control everything we want which creates stress.

Be Brave. You should make decisions yourself. Indecision increases stress. Good leaders make decisions and act on them. If a bad decision is made, reevaluate and move forward. Life goes on. 

Laugh! Laughing at oneself can release potential stress from the inside. And laughing creates less wrinkles than worrying so laugh it off! Mistakes happen and that’s okay.