Snail Mail for My Nephews

Some of you many know but others may not, I am an Aunt! My nephews and I have a super close bond that I know I will never share with any of my future nieces or nephews. I was about  11 years old when my first nephew was born, so he was literally my baby doll. My mom kept the boys while my brother and my sister in law worked during the day.. so they were there for the ride to school, and they were there to play with for a few hours after school. They were honestly like my baby brothers… and I think that is why we all have such a strong bond together.

They are honestly the sweetest, most grateful young men you will ever meet. They have manners and so much respect. They are also so curious and silly sometimes.

Since I have moved half way across the country, I was worried that we would grow apart… but no. No matter how long I go from not seeing them or speaking to them, we pick up exactly where we left off which I am so blessed to have that bond with them. While making our way through the states during our move, I stopped and got them a cool post card! They absolutely adored them and even told their momma, “We are lucky to have someone like T.T”(They call me T.T, it’s so cute, I know).

Once we got settled here in Texas,  I wanted to keep sending them things. They are at the age where getting mail is super exciting and fun. So now when I go into a store, I head to the clearance section and find cool little things to mail them. I do this about every 3 months after collecting a few cool items… I do fear that one day my taste and their taste will no longer mash… but until then, I truly enjoy these little treasures.

I found some shirts at Kohl’s on clearance for a few bucks each! Major score because they are super nice quality.

I found a cheap dvd, candy, and Christian quotes at Big Lots.

I was able to score the glow in the dark stars, and jelly bean candy game at 5&Below!

I found the worry people  and paper scroll at World Market… Seriously?! How cool are they?! They were each just a few dollars.

I always use priority mail to send off their packages… Sometimes I will just order things with Amazon Prime too. It’s a great way to save money of shipping. I am so excited for my little gentlemen to receive their packages! I usually get an intense Facetime call once they opened their packages and their excitement has calmed down.