Adopting Mr. Frank

Andrew and I had wanted a dog for a while… but we were nervous about the responsibilities. Yes, we could handle owning a dog but could we give it enough attention with our hectic schedules? We always talked about how nice it would be but we wanted to wait for the right moment.

We were headed to Barnes & Noble one weekend in late January. We love to get coffee and browse through books. However, there was a sign posted right beside Barnes & Noble advertising pet adoptions at PetSmart. Andrew and I both looked at each other and started giggling so we decided to just go look at the little fur babies!

Then we saw Frankie, aka Mr. Frank, all cuddle up in the corner of his dog cage. He wasn’t have any part of trying to meet owners or seem happy for that matter. Andrew and I walked over and put our hand in his cage… he immediately came over! The adoption lady took Frankie out of his cage and let us walk him around. He was giving Andrew so much love, we knew that we could leave without him! Andrew and I were literally panicking in the PetSmart… “We don’t have food, or a bed, or anything!!” but we made it all work.

It took Frankie about a month to learn our schedule and to be completely potty-trained. We could tell by his behavior that he was more than likely abused and left in his crate for long periods of time. He also has major separation anxiety but doggie day camp has really helped him with that.

He has his toys spread ALL over our condo. We love when we get home from work because he literally runs laps around the place! He is hands down the snugglest dog you will ever meet! He loves to be held like a baby and sleeps right between me and Andrew. Frankie always enjoys dressing up… when we put clothes on him, he literally smiles and acts too cool! He has so much personality…. We couldn’t imagine life without Mr. Frank!

P.S Frankie goes by Frank, Mr. Frank, Frankie-dank, wittle frankie pooh, mommas baaaaby, and any other ridiculous thing I can think of!