Sweet Spouse Surprise

Even though everyday I try to be the best spouse possible, I know that deep down I can be better. I love my husband so much that sometimes I forget to show him how much I love him. Yes, I tell him everyday all day but I could do more sometimes... So Monday on my drive to work, I kept thinking about how much I wanted to do something special for him. He loves to be silly and he enjoys the simple things in life... So I decided to find all his favorite little things, add a few silly things and surprise him after work!

I literally just stopped at the Dollar Store on my way home from work. I wasn't planning for this surprise to be big... just enough for him to know that appreciate him. 

Balloons! They are just silly and fun plus at only a dollar, why not?!

Candy! Andrew has a huge sweet tooth. He loves candy so I picked up a few of his favorites.

Card! A simple card to write my thoughts about him, his love, and support is perfect!