Sunset Cruise at Lake Conroe!

On Saturday, Andrew and I had a Groupon for a sunset cruise at Lake Conroe! The Cruise was about 3 hours long... we boarded the boat at the Sunset Harbor Resort. 

The boat had three decks. The main deck was where the dinner was held and the the next level there was a DJ and dance floor with a cash bar.

The top level was completely open and gave you the best view of the lake! 

However, it was POURING rain the entire time we were there so we were stuck inside the boat! I can honestly say that I only had a good time because of Andrew. The boat was cute, the people were nice but the weather was so scary! I just didn't want to be on a boat that was rocking back in fourth during a bad storm. We only stayed for about an hour and then we just decided to head home and watch Gilmore Girl's, stuff our face with junk food, and drink wine! 

Check out these photos from before and after dealing with the rain.... Ahhh it was a straight down pour! 

I absolutely adore living life with this man! :)