Groupon, I love you.

"How do you and Andrew afford to do so many exciting things?" "How do you know what is happening around you?"

Uhh... GROUPON! 

Everyday I check Groupon to see the best deals happening in my area. Even when I travel, I use the hotel zip code to search forGroupon's near by to find things to do. It is how Andrew and I find so many cool affordable things to do! They have concerts, movies, and event tickets! They have some cool products every now and then but I mainly use Groupon for things to do. You can buy vouchers for restaurants, hotels, and even all-inclusive trips!

I’m also signed up for their email exclusive so I get promo codes, daily deals, and first notifications of limited tickets!

My summer is FULL of Groupon vouchers! And this is why...

Money. Groupon gives you such a great deal on local events, food, and items. You can also look the company or product up before purchasing  and you will see that Groupon is offering a killer deal.

Time. I save so much time just by using Groupon. I simply enter my zip code in and BOOM! All the local deals are listed for me. I am able to see what is happening and being offered right in my area. 

Reassurance. Groupon is a customer service based company. If you are not happy with how your experience or your product, they will refund you! It is always a great feeling to know that they will take care of you and make sure you are happy! 

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