Just Do It!

Are you guys ready?! I just registered for 2 10's and a half marathon for the end of this year!!! AHH! I am so excited, nervous and scared. However,  I have faith in myself! I have always wanted to run a half marathon and I feel like now is the best time! I will have all summer to train. I am only taking a few summer classes so I know I will have extra free time in the evenings to prepare myself. Are you ready to follow me on this journey?

Day 1: 3 mile run. I would run a song, and then walk a song. I am COMPLETELY out of shape so I feel like this will be the best approach for me to get back into shape before I start worrying about time per mile.

I felt great after my run! I always do which is why I love running so much. 

Do you have any tips for me and my new journey training for a half marathon?