5 Great Fitness Tips!

If you would have told me that at 22 I would work full-time in a corporate position, a full time student, run a blog, take care of a husband (and a really cute pup), and still find time to get a minimum of an hour workout in every single day, I wouldn't of believed you. I’ll admit i’m hyper organized, but that’s even a lot for me. 


Having an active lifestyle can be really tough and, I’m going to be 100% honest here, it really doesn’t get easy. That being said, there’s nothing better than feeling healthy. I love knowing that i’m taking care of myself because 1) who doesn’t want to look their best and 2) the amount of energy you get from working out is better than any latte.

1. Make the time. This is honestly the most important part of changing your fitness routine. Determine when you can squeeze 20-45 of a workout into your daily agenda!  

2. Play the part. It is hard to get back in the gym or workout at home which is why you need to the part. It doesn't matter if you are running or lifting weights, if you are confident in yourself you will play the role! 

3. Don’t be intimidated.  Everyone started somewhere, and to be honest, people come to the gym to work and focus on themselves. So, in the words of Nike, Just Do It. 

4. Stay for 45 Minutes: It can be really hard to stay on a cardio machine or lift weights for 45 minutes. So mix it up! Maybe walk the first 10 mins, lift for 25 mins, and the cool down with a walk for another 10 mins! You don't have to stay for 45 mins but you should aim too. 

5. Develop a Routine: Find what works for you and make it happen. Learn what time you like to workout, figure out what machines are your favorite and follow it. The sooner you make a routine, this chore turns into a pretty fun activity. 

Somewhere along my fitness journey working out became less of a chore and more a lifestyle and I’m incredibly thankful for that. The tips above are solely based on my personal experiences, and I hope they help you as much as they have helped me!