Grandfather Mountain near Linville, North Carolina!

While in Boone, NC Andrew and I decided to explore Grandfather Mountain. When we arrived at the park entrance, we paid $20 each for a ticket which included a few brochures explaining the history and a CD to listen to as we drove up the mountain. Both were informational! 

While driving up Grandfather Mountain, we noticed picnic areas and little shops. We drove to the first parking lot which gave us the option to hike up to the Mile High Swinging Bridge. The trail was very rocky and it was pretty cold and windy. We literally raced to the top of the summit so we could go into the gift stop to defrost before heading out to the bridge. 

Since we arrived so early to the Grandfather Mountain, we had the entire place to ourselves! It was so fun to act like little kids running around the Mile High Swinging Bridge with nobody to judge us. It was also kinda romantic to be alone and to experience something so beautiful! 

The Mile High Swinging Bridge is America's highest suspension footbridge. 

There was so much more to do at Grandfather Mountain but Andrew and I had plans to head to Asheville, NC so we didn't stay long. Plus, it was just too cold to hike any other trails.