Downtown Boone, NC!

We woke up early to explore downtown Boone before we headed on our hike!

The town was small but darling. I wish we had more time to explore because most of the shops were closed because it was so early. We did find a coffee shop while exploring... 

It was honestly a dream come true! I love coffee, and hotel coffee was not enough for me.

Bald Guy Brew was located in a artsy building with tons of local events posted throughout the coffee shop. They hung lights in the walkway which made the coffee shop feel so warm and cozy.

While we waited we sat on a couch and just admired the local art hanging all throughout the coffee shop. They had tons of flyers of local events posted all around the coffee shop as well. It was awesome to see how much they supported their local community. 

Latte art!I ordered a soy vanilla latte, and Andrew ordered a hazelnut latte!

It was honestly the best soy latte I've had in so long! We took our coffee to go, and finished exploring the little town.