Four Steps to Creating Goals You Actually Accomplish

1. Start with the big picture. The big picture is important because it gives your life direction. Your big picture is a combination of your dreams, your ideas about the life you want to live, and your vision of what the New Year should bring. Grab a piece of paper start brainstorming. Jot down your thoughts about the people in your life. You can start by thinking about what you spend your time and money on most to use as indicator of what matters most to you. Challenge yourself to dream better than before. Throughout the year you should come back to your big picture to add on.

2. Set your goals. Looking at your big picture list, ask yourself this question: what do I have the time, money, motivation, and knowledge to start working on right now? That answer will be the starting point of your big picture. Think about each of your life areas (personal, relationships, spiritual, financial, career) and make a list on how you can improve in that area. If one goal feels too big, just break it down into smaller goals and space your milestone dates out to help you create progress and momentum towards achieving your goal.

3. Design your days. Every day is a unique reflection of you. When you design your days, they should be intentional. Morning routines and evening routines are great tools to use to accomplish your goals. Just take the time to write down things you want to accomplish each day to stay organized and create progress towards accomplishing your goal.

4. Stay on course. It is so important for you to review your goals throughout the year. Some people review their goals daily, some review weekly, and some choose the monthly or even quarterly option. Just remember to review them and make sure you’re on course, and celebrate milestones that you have accomplished along the way.