True Friendship

Throughout life I went through phrases of friends... "Friends" that used me or were only there for me at their convenience... "Friends" that hurt me on purpose or just didn't really care for me...  It wasn't until I got older that I realized I only have a handful of "friends". I have just a few friends that I can honestly call true friends. One being my best friend, Melissa. 

While thrift-shopping this weekend, I found this little book, "Friends for Life", it is a collection of small writings on the importance of lasting and true friendships. Grant you, I paid 75 cents for this perfection condition book, and I have spent the last hour highlighting my favorite writings. 

This 75 cent book holds a beautiful writing by Barbara Hill that makes me think of my best friend, Mel. 

I Feel Like We've Always Been Friends
I can't pinpoint the exact day
that we became friends. 
All I know for sure is this:
It feel like we've always been
a part of each other's life-
listening, caring, sharing, 
having fun, and feeling comfortable
We know there's a place to go
with all the great news,
problems, hopes, dreams,
or plans that need encouragement. 
It just feels good to know
you're there for me
and I am here for you - 
connected by our special friendship.

I don't remember when we become
but it feels like forever in my heart.

- Barbara Hall

Soo here is to you Mel for being my best friend in just a short period of time!