HAPPY HALLOWEEN! + Weekend Recap

Andrew and I celebrated our Halloween spirits this weekend so tonight will just have a low key movie night… after some intense flag football! Andrew joined a club team for flag football and every once-in-awhile I will be so kind to fill in for girls who can’t make the game… like night.

Friday was participated in Houston’s Halloween Pub Crawl with our friends! We all dressed up and bar hopped through Midtown. It was so much fun and I loved seeing all the unique costumes. But I must admit… after a few beers and flashing dancing lights, the costumes really started to freak me out, LOL! I decided to channel my inner bad girl by being a witch!

As a child, I always wanted to be a witch for Halloween, so it was a no brainer for me! However, Andrew waited to the last minute to order his costume… and although it was pretty pricy it was HILARIOUS! Sometimes being married to a “man-child” has it annoyances but his man-child heart rocked that costume! Especially when he jumped on stage at Hollow at the Moon to “head drop”… Ohh, if only I had video!!


Saturday we woke up pretty late so we were rushing to get things done on our condo. We are currently remodeling our kitchen all by ourselves so although we are saving a TON of money, we are using a lot of our time! We have removed the old cabinets, built the new cabinets, and have installed over half of the new cabinets. Our granite has been ordered and should be installed sometime soon. We are going to replace the tile and upgrade a few appliances once we get our new sink in! Living without a kitchen sink is horrible. 

With all of that being said, we decided to keep it low key Saturday night by watching a silent film at an historic theater in Galveston. The Hunchback of Notre Dame silent film was scheduled to play as a Halloween tradition. It was our first silent film experience but the 1939 film made it worthwhile… at least for me! I was laughing so hard at all of the over-the-top facial expressions and Andrew and I would whisper back-in-fourth things we thought they were saying. The Grand 1894 Opera House only opens a few times a year… so it made the experience even better.

“The Grand has a very special place in the history of our community and in the lives of many of our residents. It survived the storms of 1900 and 1915, and Hurricanes Carla and Alicia, as well as years of neglect at various times throughout its history. Of these events, the greatest threat to its survival was the 1900 storm, and it remains a testament to the determination of the people of Galveston that The Grand was quickly repaired and reopened.”

Sunday, we had so much to do... with our kitchen remodel and household chores! We dropped Frankie off for a Halloween Doggie Day Camp. He literally has so much personality. I ran errands, cleaned, and worked on school work. Did I mention I graduate in December?! Ekkk, I'm so ready!

HAPPY HALLOWEENIE! I hope you all have a fun and a safe Halloween!