6 Reasons Why Date Night is Important


Once you find that special someone, it's hard to remember why date nights are important. You fall into a routine with work, maybe school, and maybe even kids. Relationships often fall to the back burner when they should be one of the foremost priorities in your life. In fact, you may be wondering why you should date once you've snagged the relationship at all… Andrew and I have experienced it firsthand but we have both learned why date nights are important, and should always stay important throughout our relationship.  I want to share with you six reasons why date night is important especially for my relationship with my husband.


Your relationship, assuming it's important to you, should be at the top of your list, even before work and right up there with children (in my case, my fur baby). Every type of relationship needs to be a priority at some point. When you're trying to get a promotion at work, you put your job first and work your butt off. When you have kids (or new fur babies), you're actively involved in their lives, building a relationship with them so you can have a future with them. It's no different with your significant other. Ensuring that you have date nights on a regular basis actively proves that your relationship is a high priority, as it should be.


When you're so focused on work and just getting through the day, it's easy to miss why date nights are important especially when you are in a relationship or married. However, just like when you first start a relationship, dates allow you to connect with the person you love. Date nights help give you that spark to carry you through the hard times. It allows you to have a night that you can just focus on the two of you and what is happening in your lives/relationship.


It's hard to stay fit, keep your nails painted, and get your hair done even when you're single, let alone while in a relationship. But when you have someone to impress, you're more likely to maintain your appearance than just let it all go. You care about what they think and if they find you attractive, so you're more likely to be the best you can be if you have little reminders like date nights.


Sometimes you just need to get away from everything. The buzzing of phones, the noise of children, the sounds of life in general. It's important to turn off the phones and disappear every once in a while and especially on date night. Too much work and no play cause a lot of stress and can affect every area of your life. Having regular date nights gives you freedom from those stressors and special time with the one you care about.


You know that gorgeous red dress you saw in the store that you wanted so badly? Date nights give you an excuse to buy items like that. It won't just hang in your closet, forgotten and abandoned. That dress will make you the hottest date known to man, and boost your self-esteem while you're in it!


Once you've snagged the person you're dating, the relationship can often go downhill from there. We stop trying and we stop chasing. Why is that? Maybe because we are comfortable… Regardless, it's important to continue to pursue your significant other, even after you've caught him or her. It's enlightening when your significant other finds flowers on the table for her, or he gets the cat call even when he's wearing nothing but boxers. Never stop chasing each other.


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