Festive Halloween Packages!

One thing I really enjoy doing since I moved away from home is sending care packages to my nephews. They are at the ages were getting mail is fun and exciting! Therefore, it makes perfect sense for me to browse the clearance racks and send ridiculous things to them to send some love or in this case, holiday cheer!! It’s hard being an aunt from so far away… especially because I’m so close with my nephews. Although I’m thankful for our facetime sessions and texting chats, I’d rather be there in person.  However, sending them monthly care packages not only makes me excited and helps me feel content but it makes them really excited and keeps them thinking of their “T.T” Plus, I love being festive for every holiday!

The other day I stopped at the Dollar Tree to pick up some things… and the Dollar Tree had some awesome Halloween items out! I decided to pick up enough “Happy Halloween” love to send to my nephews!

I picked up these cute “Trick-or-Treat” totes for them to carry on Halloween night.

Of course, I can never go wrong with candy! My nephews love candy.

These glow-in-the-dark gloves will be perfect for Halloween night or even throughout the fall!

I picked up some things they could use to decorate their room. Aaron, my youngest nephew, loves to decorate for the holidays!

I also picked up these super cute Halloween cards. I went to Pinterest and found some Halloween poems to write inside the cards. I’m going to wait and mail them out next week so they are continuously receiving Halloween vibes from their Aunt! 

I also founded some festive Halloween stickers to decorate the outside of their packages! Ekk, I’m excited for them to open their Halloween packages! I can’t wait to see how they end up decorating their rooms… Oh it’s the little things in life <3

Do you ever send holiday themed packages?