Hi! I’m Sarah…  I’m 22 years old with a life full of adventures. I’m helplessly curious about all things, your typical type A perfectionist. My wanderlust soul causes me to always seek adventure. I love to travel, eat and all things unique. I also have a passion for photography and literature... Crafting is kind of my “thing”.

This blog is me… sharing my story, my life with you. I want to share with you my personal not-so-normal life experiences. I want to give you my questionable recipes that make you curious. I’m also going to share with you things I have learned… professionally and as a young twenty-something. I want to share with you the places I have traveled by sharing my photos with you. 

I’m North Carolina raised, but I currently live in Houston.

Most people would agree that I live the role of a young professional.

When I lay in bed at night, I go over a mental check list… sometimes causes me to jump out of bed in panic. I have a tendency to forget to shut the garage door... Opps.

My biggest accomplish thus far has been graduating from my local community college, College of the Albemarle, where I earned two associate degrees; business administration and general education.

Andrew and I love to be goofy… we dance provocatively in the kitchen while we cook (dance off are a thing for us), sometimes we create theme songs for certain situations, and awkwardly at times we use a unique language to make each other laugh. *Literally laughed embarrassingly while writing this fun fact.

Excel spreadsheets make me excited. I took Excel courses as electives in college, and now it is mainly how I accomplish my projects at work. Score!

I’m that overly curious young adult who enrolls herself in cake decorating, stained glass, and pottery classes… Next up, modern dance!

Truth is… I love to run but I’m pretty sure I look like a wild bird while attempting to but I still run because it’s something I truly enjoy.

Lavender is my favorite color.

When I don’t know how to spell a word, I simply ask Siri. I’m glad she has my back in tough times.

On my wedding day, I ate four frosted covered Dunkin Donuts before walking down the aisle. Don’t judge me.

Frogs scare me more than anything in the world. 

I am probably the cheapest person you know… Coupons & freebies are my favorite.

Drops of Jupiter by Train is hands down my favorite song. Ever.

Breakfast foods are my favorite foods. If you offer me waffles for dinner, I will never say no. Promise.

Peanut butter and Oreos are the best combination in life. 

I love to take pictures with my DLSR camera, but I am so guilty for leaving it at home sometimes. 

If I use something often, I create names… Mary is my car, Stacey is my space heater at work, and Sammie is my suitcase. I know, I know, I’m weird.

My favorite flavor is lemon.

I am the only girl out of my parent’s litter… I have 3 brothers; 2 older, 1 younger.